Soil fertility degradation is a global issue, with 70% of Earth’s land unproductive due to soil-climatic, topographic, and economic conditions. Addressing food security requires addressing degraded natural soils in agriculture.

Environmental restoration and protection issues remain unresolved due to a lack of accessible, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective nature conservation products. Soil enrichment with humic substances derived from minerals such as coal, peat, and sapropel is beneficial, but none can completely restore the beneficial components of the soil.

What is Peat-Sapropel Concentrate and its Benefits?

Peat-Sapropel Concentrate, also known as PSC, is a fungicidal fertilizer made from natural peat that has undergone cavitation treatment. The process results in the transformation of humic acids into soluble salts, as well as the active water-soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and microelements.

A natural and eco-friendly way to restore soil fertility in agriculture is to use the peat-sapropel concentrate.

  • easily absorbed by plants;
  • promotes metabolic activity in plant cells;
  • doubles the reduction in nitrate content of products;
  • encourages the growth of a robust;
  • reduces the nitrate content of products by more than 2 times;
  • promotes the development of a strong root system;
  • increases the levels of vitamins, gluten in wheat, and other valuable compounds such as chlorophyll.

All these factors together lead to a 20–40% increase in yield, a reduction in ripening time by 10–12 days, as well as increased drought and frost resistance. All this positively affects soil structure and provides a long-term and balanced supply of nutrients and plant protection agents to the fertile layer.

Application of Peat-Sapropel in Agriculture: Increasing Fertilizer Efficiency and Saving

Our PSC ”PRECOGROW” has a positive effect on plant metabolism and growth processes. Due to increased permeability of the root system, the concentrate successfully solves an important problem in agriculture – the uptake of mineral fertilizers. It significantly increases the uptake of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers by plants that are exposed to them. This enables for a 30% reduction in nitrogen and potassium fertilizer dosage. When utilizing the concentrate, the same stands for phosphorus fertilizers.

Purchasing peat-sapropel concentrate for agricultural enterprises does not require additional financial costs. On the contrary, it allows for up to a 30-50% savings on mineral fertilizer purchases and the ability to fertilize large crop areas.

The combination of peat and sapropel in soil conditioners enhances their beneficial components. The traditional processing scheme and innovative technologies improve the final product’s quality by modifying the rheological properties of depleted and heavy soils.

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