Investing in nature

Our team is engaged in research and development of innovative technologies to produce fertilizers and feed additives for animal production.

Our experts have developed the technology for the production of humic peat-sapropel concentrate, a NOVOTERRA soil conditioner and plant growth stimulator


All phases of the production of peat-sapropel concentrate using the developed technology save resources. The deeper the processing, the wider the output product line, and the greater the savings of raw materials, energy, and other resources per unit of production.

Rehabilitation of exhausted soils
Land remediation
Neutralization of soil salinization toxicity
Improvement of seed germination
Activation of plant growth processes
Enhancing protective functions of plants
Increasing the biological value of agricultural products
Restoration of soil acidity

Research results

The peat-sapropel concentrate NOVOTERRA increases the number of microorganisms in the soil that decompose poorly soluble minerals and organic phosphorus compounds. After application of the concentrate, the supply of assimilated nitrogen to the soil is improved: the number of ammonifying bacteria increases by up to 3–5 times (in some cases, a tenfold increase in ammonifiers has been observed), and the number of nitrifying bacteria increases by up to 3–7 times. As the living conditions of wild bacteria are improved by the application of NOVOTERRA concentrate, their ability to fix molecular nitrogen from the atmosphere increases almost tenfold.

A stimulating effect of NOVOTERRA concentrate on Rhizobium trifoli bacteria living in symbiosis with legumes (alfalfa, lupin, clover, pea, vetch, bean) and on rhizosphere microorganisms living in the root suckers of non-legume crops was found. Thus, the application of NOVOTERRA concentrate to the soil stimulates the activity of all types of microorganisms that fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the crop.

Application and Dosage

SoilpHTYPEDosage l/ha

Extremely acidic <4.5 Swamp soil, low-moor peat 5.0
Strongly acidic 4.6-5.3 Peat and coniferous soil 4.0
Slightly acidic 5.4-6.3 Heather and sod soil 3.5
Neutral 6.4-7.3 Mulch and leaf soil 2.5
Slightly alkaline 7.4-8.0 Carbonate soil 2.0
Moderately alkaline 8.1-8.5 Carbonate soil 1.5
Strongly alkaline >8.5 Carbonate soil 1.0

In combination with mineral fertilizers, it’s possible to reduce the volume of their application by 30% to 50%. On highly saline soils, the application of NPK fertilizers can be even excluded.


  1. Application into soil after harvesting together with preparations for degrading the cellulose/nitrogen fertilizer solution 1:30. Concentrate consumption – 2,0 l/1 ha.

  2. Soil preparation for seedlings: solution 1:20. Concentrate consumption – 1 l per 20 l of water and mix evenly with 100 kg of soil.

  3. Seed treatment: solution 1:10 to 1:20. Concentrate consumption – 0,2 l/1 t of seed, it is requiring the seed drying before the seeding.

  4. Seedlings roots soaking: solution 1:20, allow 3-5 hours to soak.

  5. Root watering: solution 1:100, watering once every 2 weeks. Concentrate consumption – 2,0 l/1 ha; 80 to 100 ml per one plant.

  6. Application on leaves: solution 1:200, watering once a month. Concentrate consumption – 1,0 l/1 ha.

*Application and dosage recommendations are given for each crop and treatment period.

Regulations on the use of peat-sapropel fertilizer “NOVOTERRA”

Presentations and details

NOVOTERRA Presentation
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